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New Saninex condoms Collection

New and revolutionary latex of exclusive Saninex design.

Top quality latex, super elastic, adjustable and ultra resistant, made by Saninex RD and manufacturing.

Highly lubricated.

Exclusive 20 different aromas / textures Saninex condoms, created and manufactured with the best and latest technologies.

RD Saninex. Quality N1 Technically at the forefront of the world.

20 different models of Saninex condoms, which through their 20 penetrating essences, evoke and favor 20 different ways to achieve maximum orgasmic pleasure.

Finally, make your most intimate moments with Saninex condoms each time different and with maximum sexual pleasure.

Design of new primary packaging of current, attractive and excellent presentation.

Outer case in current satin tone. Ecological and recyclable, free of plastics. Closing with security seal.

Saninex takes care of every last detail, minimizing the manufacture of useless plastics.

Saninex condoms technical characteristics:

  • 100% electronically tested.
  • Smooth surfaces with deposit or textured with deposit.
  • Extra lubrication and aromatization with different Saninex essences depending on the model.
  • Latex color, very pure transparent and crystalline luster. N1 in world quality.
  • Latex thickness 0.050mm. (Transparent fine model, latex thickness 0.040mm.)
  • Length 190mm
  • Width 54mm – 55mm
  • Extra Lubricant 600mg
  • Saninex condoms. Vegan product.

Why choose Saninex?

  1. Saninex No. 1 European in health and pleasure products and RD.
  2. Saninex condoms. Recognized by the Ministry of Health, Pharmacy Directorate and the Spanish Agency for medicines and health products.
  3. Saninex takes maximum care of your health and pleasure.

Enjoy sex in the utmost safety with Saninex’s high-quality dotted flavored condoms.


  • Saninex Dotted Condoms
  • 100% electronically tested.
  • Transparent surface with tank.
  • Flavored
  • High lubrication
  • New super elastic latex, exclusive design and composition of Saninex Europe.
  • Latex color, transparent crystalline luster.
  • Measures:
    • Latex thickness 0.030mm
    • Length 190mm
    • Width 54mm
  • Extra Lubricant 600mg
  • 3 units

Saninex condoms are manufactured with the latest technologies. Technically advanced 1 quality. New super elastic and ultra resistant latex, of exclusive Saninex design, composition and manufacture.